The Year was 1998 (or so) - Your humble servant was merely scratching the surface of programming landscape. I’ve started my journey by writing some BASIC programs… on a sheet of paper. Couple months later I’ve switched to Pascal.

Those memories were brought to live when charity campaign #code16challenge was launched. Whole IT community was posting code snippets and sharing fundraising (for expensive treatment of 10 months old Maja). I’ve decided to dust my Pascal knowledge off and see if I can put together few lines of code.

After installing dosbox emulator and free Turbo Pascal compiler the fun has begun. Last time I was writing a Pascal program I wasn’t aware of many features this language has to offer (as a 10 year old child I was rather focusing on making some simple micro games and programs without sophisticated logic and programming techniques). Let me show You a couple of surprises I’ve encountered when dealing with Pascal in 21st century.

// ... code
repeat until keypressed;
// more code will go here

Hope You enjoyed this post - maybe it has brought back Your memories about childhood geekery and sparked some joy? Hope it did!